Pathogen free, Ultra clean operation theatre.

Operation theatre – Designed to meet the standards of NABH, WHO, HTM 2025, JCI.

BASE team give serious attention to the following too apart from the temperature control in an operation theatre.

Air flow pattern in in the OT as well as ancilliary area [ CSD, changerooms, srub] Distribution of pathogen free / sterile water and removal of used water from the OT Patient and staff entry – control Sterilization and automatic defumigation of the sterile area 

Design of an Operating Theatre
HVAC system design for an operating theatre - following key objectives
    To control the concentration of Pathogens

    To prevent infiltration of non purified air into the operating theatre

    Air flow pattern that carries contaminated air away from the operating table

    Comfortable environment for the patient and operating team

    Convenient & uninterrupted personal movements inside the OT

    Safe Zone creation in OT [ for the safe location of sterile instruments &
Modular Stainless steel OT with Laminarflow
central hood.
OT with Laminar flow + Seamless glass reinforced
walls & cieling - antimicrobial non gloss finish
A classic work of Art - Modular OT with PUF filled
panels & Laminar flow
Doors - PUF filled, with Aluminium composite
or HP laminate panels
Laminarflow + seamless glass fiber - epoxy
coated walls& cieling
Scrub Station with Auto - Manual Taps
Sliding Door - PUF filled & with auto slide
control - hermatically sealed
Stainless Steel 304 door with a modular OT

Microclean Sterilizing Hood, with built in fan filter and air sterilizer.
The machine draw the air from the Operation Theatre, filter the air in two stages, sterilize and supply as UNIDIRECTIONAL [ Laminar flow] air flow on the operating table.

One Hood of 4’ x 2’ face area shall cover half of an operating table.
For enhanced coverage with sterile and filtered air, multiple units can be used.

An easy way of improving the quality of air circulation on the operating table – ideal solution for conventional Operation Theatre without major changes in the interiors or air conditioning system.

   1    Opthalmic Surgery    Single unit suspended above the operation table
   2    Gynaec Surgery    Single / double unit suspended above the operation table
   3    General Surgery    Double unit suspended above the operation table
The state of the art – total sterile facility consisting of

      Sterile Air Purification System

       Modular Partitions & Wall paneling

       Modular ceilings

       Material Transfer Passbox

       Consealed Light Fixtures

       Sterile Garment Lockers

       Epoxy / PU Flooring

       Online Air Sterilizers

       Fan Filter Units

       Defumigation System      etc.

OT -with Modular Stainless Steel Wall, Class 100 / ISO 5 Hood, Sterile Passbox (Dynamic) Pendent & Epoxy flooring


BASE group, established in 1995, with proven track record in Design & Installation of Sterile Cleanrooms for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry, now an active partner in Healthcare Industry, a few stops ahead in Design & Installation of Sterile facilities for 21 st century operation Theaters. The sterile  operation Theatres and ancilliary sterile areas designed to meet the standards of  WHO / NABH / EU.

Modular partitions, wall paneling and ceiling made of sandwiched panels [PUF filled] with Stainless steel 304/ High pressure Laminate finish, non reactive to all sterilizing solution and water resistant, The joints devoid of dust or microbial pockets guarantee a perfect sterile zone in every point inside the Operation Theatre, The coved joints facilitate lowest turbulence to air flow and easy to clean joints.



The Unidirectional HEPA / ULPA filtered air flow perfectly remove the contaminated or infected air from the critical zones within 2 seconds.


The variable frequency drive / Motorizes dampers allow the surgeon to control the airflow on or above the operation table to maintain the optimum conditions of temperature / relative humidity / particle level and air velocity. The flow direction adjustable from inside the OT – the surgeon’s Privilage.


The CLEAN ZONE concept – divides the sterile operation theatre into two – the clean zone and infected zone, the conditioned supply air sweep along the operation zone, moves unidirectional towards the air return / exhaust  module through the infected zone  - a Perfect microbial removal technology – the latest innovation from BASE.


The built in Defumigation system (with optional remote control) remove the fumigating gas from the OT within 120 seconds without loosing the sterility. Stericlean light fixtures -800 to 3000 lux, CFL / LED, imported mirror optic reflector and toughened glass / polycarbonate bottom cover – 100% leakproof construction

Sterile Corridor [Class 10 000 /ISO7] with Modular Walls & Epoxy Flooring

Dynamic Passbox & Portable LAF
[SS 304, class 100 / ISO 5]
  Ultraviolet sterilizers with variable
   ON - OFF timer
   LAF - in Microbilogy Lab
   [Stainless Stell 304]



Design & Installation of Sterile Operation Theatres.

Stainless Steel equipments - Sterile garment cabinets / Pass box / Bio Safety Cabinets.

Validation of Sterile faciltity sa per WHO /B NABH

Upgradation of exstiing OT facility to NABH / WHO standards

Microbilogy / Sterility / IVF laboratories.



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